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ohhunt® High-End 1 MOA Holographic Red Dot Sight Rifle Scope

ohhunt® High-End 1 MOA Holographic Red Dot Sight Rifle Scope

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This is a new optoelectronic and easy to observe rifle scope which is imaged through high molecular polymerand photoelectricity, controlled by micro electronics. It is a large field of view, day / night, fast riflescope andsuitable for all kinds of guns with picaltinny connector, and especially suitable for aiming at a target about 100meters, which can be perspective the aiming of 1 MOA and a bright ring of 68 MOA (70mm at the exit pupildistance) at the target.

Key Performance

  1. Light leakage rate: The light leakage rate of the enemy is very low. Greatly improved the shooter's concealment.
  2. High aiming accuracy: The aiming ring can swing arbitrarily from left to right which basically does not move, and the parallax is very small.
  3. Can be aimed under night vision: In the daytime, the aiming ring is red, and thebrightness is adjustable in 10 levels. The night mirror iswhite, and the brightness can be adjusted in 5 levels. press the NV key to switch between the daytime mode andnight vision mode.
  4. The field-view of the window is clean and bright: the aiming ring is clear, continuous and sharp, without any secondary image.
  5. Long Battery Life: the average continuous working time of battery is 400 hours.
  6. Lifetime Warranty.

Technical indicators

  • Reticle Type: 1 MOA Round Aiming Dot and a Bright Ring of 68 MOA
  • Magnification: l X
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • Shockproof Level: 1200g impact,center deviation ≤1MOA
  • Anti-fog Standard: level l, conform to JBT9384.2-1999
  • Working Temperature: - 42~+55
  • White Light Transmittance: 80%
  • Light Leakage Rate: ≤0.2%
  • Parallax: ≤0.5MOA
  • Diopter: no diopter, eyes relaxed
  • L/w/h: 96x50x65mm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Color: black,Matte
  • Adjustment Accuracy: 
    high and low 1 MOA/ 1 gear
    Left and right 1 MOA/1gear
  • Calibration Range:
    high and low +/ -60 MOA
    left and right +/ -60 MOA
  • Connection: 1"(25.4mm) picatinny rail.
  • Manufacturer: ohhunt
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