Shipping Notice! (2020.04.07)


I just got my 2 in the mail the other day. I got two green horseshoe reticles. Glass is nice and clean and ever in very low light you can see the horseshoe. Hold zero after 300 rounds of 5.56. Eye relief is good for 5.56 but would try anything bigger. I have 3 Trijicons and this is very nice even in comparision especially saving 1k. Definitely will get more.
ohhunt ACOG Style 3.5X35 Optic Fiber Scope


This ta11 style scope solve the problem, better eye relief and I can shoot stock to the shoulder and have a clear image without breaking my neck forward peace of glass...
In my opinion : 4x32 is for short stock weapon like m4 category and 3.5x35 is more for full length stock weapon like m16, ak with foldable stocks etc...
ohhunt ACOG Style 3.5X35 Optic Fiber Scope