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Good Product

No complaints, except a minor one, the screws are just a bit too long, not a deal breaker, easy fix. Better they are too long vs. too short. I'd buy this again.

Amazing for the price!

Love the handguard and can’t beat the price. Barrel nut came with a bunch of rust on it, hence the star taken off. Otherwise I’m very happy with the product.

2 MOA shake awake red dot.

Packaging and mounting accessories were better than expected. The dot is crisp and has held zero on 7.62x39 and 5.56 platforms. The shake awake feature works as advertised. Nice job Ohhunt!

Good pistol sights

I bought these for an AR pistol with a 7.5" barrel. The sights are installed easily and are held firmly when tightened down. Sight picture is nice and easy to discern the target. Being collapsable, these sights allow me to put the pistol in a small pack for carrying and retrieve it without snagging on something. I am quite pleased with these sights for my application.

ohhunt B-13 Classic AK Side Optic Mount Quick Detach Scope Rail Base Low Weight and Strength Picatinny Mounting Black


This rail is legit! Put together a MK18 Clone… easy install if you watch Daniel Defense video on YouTube… put it together in like 15 minutes… solid rail and stays aligned… would recommend putting an optic or a riser right in the middle of we’re it connects to ensure it’s straight when installing! - Edward Aragon

AR Parts

I will be buying again, the quality of the parts is good. I bought tinted AR forends and was surprised and impressed when I got them. The actual product is far better than the picture of it on the internet

ohhunt® AK 47/74 Rear Sight Rail Mount with Fiber Optic for Red Dot Sight

Beware, Not for M5 Aero uppers.

This Handguard does not fit an Aero M5 High Profile DPMS Upper. Barrel nut obstructs the gas tube access. I'll have to figure out how to recoup my purchase price. Very disappointed.

Value for money

I’m on my 4th hand guard now from OHHUNT.
Every one has been great quality and value for money.

Ohhunt AK 47/74 Rear Sight Rail Mount for Red Dot Sight Low Profile

not bad product for the price

pretty sturdy mount for the price. the qd system is bit flimsy but I put loctite on **** to secure the lock; you need to play around with the ****. afterwards, it holds zero after numerous detaching.

Really good scope for the price

I can see positive improvement in Ohhunt scopes couse I have 3 lpvo scopes two 2.7-15 and my last 3-15x32 and glass is becoming more and more clear on longer distance zoom first models were good without parallax up to 70 meters than with parallax on 100 meters was visible but a little bit foggy last ones are crystal clear. Unfortunately Ohhunt reduced their production of full MIL/MRAD scopes and recent production have only MILs on the reticle but windage and elevation are in MOA this one however is LPVO everything in MIL 1/10. However I ordered crismas reticle and they send me normal cross reticle YouTube video placeholder
Works well

No issues at all. It works well.

Easy assembly

Assembly was very easy and uncomplicated. Fit is okay. Dimensions are off a little with the rail width of the handguard being slightly smaller than the upper receiver of the weapon. The color tan is not a match to the general industry color used in the US and Canada.

For the price

I'll give you guys 5 stars simply for the price. But then I shot with them on my ksg just to see how tough they can be and they had lasted through 100 12 gauge shots. So I'm permanently putting them on my 22 lr cmmg build and calling it good.

ohhunt® 9.6" Mid-Length MK18 Quad Rail Handguard Free Floating Barrel Two-pieces Drop-in Design for AR-15

Only for normal width ribs

Works as it is intended to. But it’s not for all shotguns. The slot that accepts the actual rib of the shotgun is not wide enough for some shotguns that have exceptionally wide ribs. Check before purchasing.

Works as Intended

Helps reduce carrier to trunion battering. Combined with a plus power recoil spring my AK platform firearms shoot like a dream (the one star reviewer with the WASR needs to install a stronger recoil spring- he's way over-gassed if his buffer is chewed up in only 300 rounds!)

M-LOK T-Nut Alternative Replacement Set - M4 threads

Good Value

No problems, works great and at significant discount to the other types available. I am always amazed at the price of accessories from the major retailers. I know the cost and there is a major makeup on every single item. I understand the argument...overhead, advert, blah blah blah. its a suckers games and its best played with the value providers.

Good for bipod- no good for optics

The problem with this mount is that if you adjust it to fit snug on the rail the cam arm won't lock. If you loosen it to allow the arm to lock, it fits loosely on the rail. So it will rork ok for a bipod but can't be used for optics. Customer service is ignoring me via chat and email after asking to return it.