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Love This feel and combo.

Quality material, good price, great feel of control, does it come in multilabel colors?

Ak 47 rail

I emailed them saying if it was a low rail they said yes it is, let me tell you it’s not a low rail it tall and i had to file the edges down in order to fit . Would not recommend this rail for your ak .I should have ordered from somewhere else, 20 bucks down the drain

Great product

Product was exactly as described. Fitment was perfect.

Save your money

Ohhunt thinks that AR10 and LR308 are the same. They are not.
Yet ohhunt sells parts listed as for both. Then when the parts don't
fit the first thing they say is "IT IS NOT OUR FAULT. YOU BOUGHT
THE WRONG PART. IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT." Yes I bought the wrong
part because it waa listed as it would fit AR10 and LR308.
It did not.

Never HAD a chance to

Never got a chance To Use It ...
Box arrived beat Up & Damaged ...
Which was a Precursor..
Because it was Missing a Piece(s)
Reached Out to Customer Support..No One Has Responded to me yet as of WritiNever got a chance To Use It ...
Box arrived beat Up & Damaged ...
Which was a Precursor..
Because it was Missing a Piece(s)
Reached Out to Customer Support..No One Has Responded to me yet as of Writing this Review and it has been since July/Aug ng this Review and it has been since July/Aug

Red dot mount plate

Great product, did exactly what it was created to do. Outstanding service and total satisfaction on my end. Thank you

Drop in Quad Rail Handguard

AR-15 7" Carbine Length Drop in Quad Rail Handguard was delivered quickly and well wrapped. As it’s name says, it drop straight in and looks very good 👍

Get them while you can

Works better than the named brands and order of magnitude price difference. The AR accessory market is a racket, don’t get poor buying the high priced junk.

ohhunt® AR-15 Handguard Mounting Screws and Nuts Replacement Set

Accu Wedge

Received order promptly. Wedges not to stiff not to soft. Just right to take out the very slight rattle between my upper and lower.


Fit great, quality piece, bought it to replace current handguard that had chipped paint

Waste of money

Order to replace barrel nut for Presma mlok handguard which was a waste. These will not time no matter the the time washers you use. Barrel nut threads pulled out as soon as I tightened it past hand tight. Went with another hand with no issues.

Good Stuff (RIZZ II comparisons)

I own a RIS II, and I have to say, it's a really good-looking clone. I'm all for clone items; they bring more competition to the overpriced name brand stuff. Unity riser and Wilcox mounts come to mind. What you're paying for here is a near identical copy of the RIS II and a decent free-float handguard. The FDE finish has this brownish glossy anodized look. For reference, the regular anodized FDE has a more matte brown appearance. Personally, I really like the ohhunt finish more. The lock-up is solid, just like the original, with no movement whatsoever. The metal seems a bit softer, though. It's shown nicks faster than the real RIS II, but it's as bulky as the original, so it gets the job done well based on design alone.

One thing worth mentioning is the finish and material quality. It's advertised as 6061-T6 Aluminum, the same as the original, but it noticeably nicks faster than the original RIS II. It's more about the finish than the metal itself. I installed it on a new build, and it quickly got scuffs before even seeing any range time. Attaching accessories also affected the finish. You could spray paint it or embrace the worn look, so I wouldn’t consider it a big issue. Guns get used, it's how it is. (UPDATE) After tossing it in the dirt several times to test its quality, the front irons I use (KAC micro BUIS PN:25654) have stayed zeroed. However, the finish practically came off easily. Take it as you will.

One issue I faced was with the barrel nut—it was a bad experience. It didn't fit the standard RIS II wrench or the improved classified defense wrench. Trying to torque it properly, I ended up stripping it. I started doubting if it was up to spec. Eventually, I purchased a DD barrel nut, which worked out. I could torque it properly and still enjoy the handguard. (UPDATE) They reached out about the barrel nut issue and fully refunded my purchase of the DD barrel nut. As it hasn't affected anyone else's installation experience at the time of writing this, I think it might have been a problem with my specific product. Still, their refunding the official part is above and beyond, and I'm satisfied in that regard.

I did encounter a problem with the handguard arriving with a droop/alignment issue. I managed to fix it using a few washers and shims on the lock-up screws. The shims were meant to address alignment issues but were not included with my item. Customer service offered to ship some from China or reimburse me for purchasing locally. It was extra effort and time I didn't look forward to. This left me feeling biased and somewhat resentful when I originally wrote this review, which I've since revised. I've resolved the issue myself. If you didn't encounter this issue with receiving your shims, you'd likely have nothing to worry about. I can only speak to my experience which led to me knocking out down to a 4 star.

tl;dr It's the best clone I’ve seen while still being a relatively decent handguard. My host of issues seems to be unique to my experience, but the customer service was willing to help after proper communication.

I also wanted an excuse to play with my camera.

Thanks for updating your review!

Threads were stripped!

I've had good experience with previous products from ohhunt, but this one was defective out of the box. The hand guard 3 **** clamping threads were all 3 stripped out before install. Buyer beware on this one.

Very good rail for the money.

The rail is very good for the money but I wood pay the extra money for the wrench

Alright, good for a budget lpvo

Only complaints are the brightness is not good in full sun. Even on the highest settings it's hard to see. Also, I thought 6× magnification would be a little better. Overall a good lpvo. Can't beat it for the price point.

Ak recoil buffer

Awesome product ; also ordering and delivery was outstanding....

Screws are to long

Will only fit. 310 vent rib.
The screws are to long they touch the barrel. I had to cut them shorter. After hunting season is over I'll find the proper length screws. For another 10 bucks you could include different length screws and lock tite. You would have better reviews and more stars. It does work as it should.

Worked as advertised

Good quality!

ohhunt® 1 inch 30mm Scope Rings with Detachable Top Picatinny Rail Low Profile

Rychle doručení.
Škoda že nebyl v nabídce killflash.


Forgrip opened up when installed resulting with gap. Glued and screwed together and clamped overnight to fix gap.

Silver hand guard

Just what I was looking for and fast shipping

ohhunt picantinny rail

The quality of the set screws was so bad they just stripped easily. Also the 4 set screws that hold the two plates in place were too long and hit the barrel so they could not be tightened.


Great product at a super low price. Being back the hex lightweight handguard.