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Primo rail handguard for the price!! 10 ea for 10 builds. No complaint.

I have 10 builds (still in progress). At the time of this review I have all the ohhunt barrel nuts installed and 4 of the handguards. The price for these rails is outstanding. Trying to keep the investment as small as possible (when sold, new owners will customize every part to their favor). I think they may just keep these, unless very particular. I had inadvertently bought barrels with dedicated pinned low pro gas blocks, making free float a necessity. Finding these was an unexpected surprise. Only thing is there is no instruction - though I watched an identical handguard install online (same mfr I presume). The ONLY thing I found was a slight variance in the HEIGHT of the gas tube holes when torquing (the gas tube would tap the receiver entrance on the top side (I have a cheap flex video scope). But the tubes all passed through and everything seats fine. I am very pleased. Mid $300's for 10 free float handguards.
Bear in mind these are set up to receive the rail end caps. If you want them, ohhunts makes and sells them too. They attach to the open end of the rail with 4 tapered screws (to prevent things from getting into the handguard area - if you desire), and the caps have 2 small set screw against the barrel. THESE MUST BE INSTALLED BEFORE THE MUZZLE. So I thought to mention that (I have to remove 4 crush washers - my poor planning).
You will need a strap wrench (cloth one is best). I got mine at O-reilly's.
- Install barrel nut/gas block&tube according to standard rules
- Remove the handguard set screw at the bottom rear rail.
- Handguard screws on to barrel nut (lots of threads). I used 1 drop blue loctite on handguard threads.
- Screw the handguard lock ring (threaded outside the bbl nut) full rearward toward the upper receiver to keep out of the way during HG install.
- Do not thread HG against upper receiver, even if it fits perfect. I found out you'll have problems with tolerances around your takedown pin space. Back off to the next alignment. There will be a small gap (mm+) between HG and upper continuous rail. (Big deal, IMO).
- This is where you use your 'estimation'. Play around backing off the HG about another 30 degrees further from rail alignment, then tighten the lock ring forward against the HG snug. That 30 degrees (or so) will now be retightened against the lockring with the strap wrench. You can keep backing off, retightening the lock ring easily until you're happy with the amount it takes to tighten to rail alignment.
- Wrap the wrench strap around the HG rail that surrounds the barrel nut (this will minimize stress). Now tighten with the strap wrench that 30 (or so) degrees until your rails are aligned. It doesn't have be super tight, but good and snug.
- Re-install rail set screw (I used some blue loctite) on bottom rear rail. You'll notice that with the top rails (receiver and HG) aligned, the design of the barrel nut slots mates with the set screw which seats secure into one of the valleys. I tightened this pretty tight.
-For grins, I took a punch and LIGHTLY angle punched the slot on the lock ring (on one of those slightly raised edges) clockwise (looking toward muzzle) to assure tightness.
- Install handguard cap (if desired) and muzzle.
I am very content with the sense of firmness and security of the handguard. The 'screw on' method seems very secure, there is a LOT of threading on the bbl nut.

Thank you very much for such a detailed review!

10" Quad rail

Perfect fit. Item came with in 6 days very easy upgrade to my AR pistol attached scope, flashlight front hand guard. Looks awesome way lighter than my M-lok rail great upgrade for the money.

Quad rail 10" hand guard w/o Front End Cap

The good people at ohhunt put one of these on my doorstep boxed and in bubble wrap in just a few days. Yep, I saw the mail handler toss it into my driveway and drive off. This is pretty nice for a budget build, I've looked around and others want lots more for something similar. It came with all the mounting hardware (aluminum barrel nut, lock nut, lock screw, and hex wrench.) It has positions marked on the picitinny rails and four counter sunk holes in the end for and end cap. They offer this hand guard with an end cap for extra $ or you can purchase end cap separately for a little more. I'm a little rough with my tools so it has some scratches already, I only dropped it a couple times.
I'm happy with it and would recommend it. This one is going on the AR-14 on my boat.

Why pay 3 times more for a name?

Ordered one of these rails, and went over it with a very critical eye when I received it. Fit and finish are completely acceptable. It appears to be of the same quality as the "brand name" rails costing many times as much. Mounted well on my upper, barrel nut seems to be up to the task, everything fit as it is supposed to fit ...... I see nothing at all wrong or inferior about this rail, it mounted very securely, and I will be ordering more. I am confident it will stand up to long term use.

Going on 4 weeks and my order still hasn't shipped

I have no review to give. Still waiting for the product that I ordered to even ship from Chicago. I bought this thinking that I was getting a deal, but I'm starting to think I should have paid more to get a useable product sooner. Not sure if I'll be ordering anything else. Wish I could leave a better review, but they emailed me and asked, so here it is

Sorry, your package may have been lost in transit, we are verifying with the carrier, please wait a few more days.

Free float review

I got the 13.5" version and it came in on time and with all the parts. That's to be expected. The piece actually looked like advertised. That was a plus. The lightweight body and rail were a perfect fit. The finish matched my rifle exactly. That was NOT what I expected. Excellent job!

Mlock hand guards

I have ordered and used a number of these in different lengths, on pistol and rifle builds, they are great low cost, very light and small diameter hand guards, really like them. Ohhunt has been very good at communicating and shipping very quickly, if you have doubts about them, don’t, very good hand guards for the money, rivaling those from other companies that are way more expensive. They are made to fit standard mil spec upper receivers due to the anti rotation tabs, which are a good thing in my opinion, they will not work on billet uppers without filing off the tabs which I have done on pistol billet uppers, Oohunt has been very good to deal with, their shipping has been very fast and I have been updated on order progress.

ohhunt Tactical 4" 7" 10" 12" 15" Free Float Picatinny Quad Rail Handguard Installs On Standard Carbine .223 5.56 AR15 M16 Rifles

Incredibly good value

Very, very well built scope.
Most aspects of this glass leave far more expensive articles in the dust.
For the customer, the limitations need to be made clear, however.
The turrets work well (see later) and respond precisely to adjustments.
The sight is clear, but not as good as scopes that are in a different class of expense, obviously.
I had an anger episode comparing it's very low light capabilities with an other scope with very nearly the same objective aperture. That episode abated once I made myself aware of the fact the other one cost about 15 times as much. This one isn't bad, it simply doesn't offer the very limit of low light visibility the competitor does. It's fine in twilight, picking up a clear sight picture from scattered light is not it's forte.
Tracking is works great and returns to zero any time.
Zeroing is imperfect, because, yes, the turrets can be taken off, but no, there is no fine grained way of putting them back on. The gears the turrets match to have a couple of dozen teeth, whatever the position closest to the zero mark that you can fit the turret back on is where it's indicated zero is going to be. Unless you're willing to use a pen on the outside of the scope to mark your own zero for the gun, this could be improved.
I never really check for parallax accuracy, I just twist until it looks right, but I haven't observed any problems with deviation between magnification focus and parallax adjusted focus, for what it's worth.
The reticle is clear, but not overly thin at 28 magnification, that's the price you pay for it being visible at 5x, too. At the brightest setting, illumination is invisible against well lit background, but there the black reticle will do fine. On poorly lit background,there are 6 adjustment steps with an OFF between each of them.
Being aware of this scope's disadvantages, I own two of them. Need I say more?
BUY, if you can live with the limitiations, forget it if you can't.

Great float for the price!

Honestly it’s a must buy for a budget build. You’ll be happy with it

You get what you pay for

So far it is operating fine and it is adequate for range use. I will say that I always have a back up charging handle just in case.

good deal

I've been looking for an ambi charging handle but nobody had them in stock. I happened upon Ohhunt and decided to give them a try. So far so good, they look and function great and are a fraction of the price, so I bought 2 more for furture projects.

Good product, Great Service

I bought this style of charging handle as an experiment. I use a different extended ambi release on all of my AR'S charging handles, but this is well made, it needed a little gun grease in the ratcheting mechanism to loosen it up a bit, then it worked great. It seems to be very well machined and assembled.

Tactical ohhunt

This scope is excellent it took just a few shots to get it zeroed. I put the tip of the chevron on the bulls eye and hit dead center at 💯 yards. It gets 5 🌟 Bay Bay.

AR-15 Cocking Ambidextrous Charging Handle - AMAZING value!

This is an update to my 1 star review- I had difficulties not getting my first one (it was lost in the mail) but despite my frustrations, Lydia made everything right! I have not shot it yet, so I can't speak on the functional quality, but visually speaking the machining looks great! Hopefully publishing our review of it in the next month or two.I will order more products in the future and recommend OhHunt!

Admin/Ohhunt - please feel free to remove my old 1 star review. Thank you very much again!

Best bang for the price


Writing this review to share my experiment, using it for airsoft purposes. I've ordered the other version also, the 4x32 in order to use it on an ak style (rk95tp) and the eye relief was so bad that I was unable to shoulder the gun properly, even my cheek were off the cheekrest !

This ta11 style scope solve the problem, better eye relief and I can shoot stock to the shoulder and have a clear image without breaking my neck forward peace of glass.

Ok, this lens is cheap and the exit lens is narrower than the original acog but, after all it's only $1000 less ;)

In my opinion : 4x32 is for short stock weapon like m4 category and 3.5x35 is more for full length stock weapon like m16, ak with foldable stocks etc...

Fiber optic do its job perfectly and picatiny mount feels great.

I was afrait of the weight but just little few grams more than the 4x32, for me it's really good.

Yes I would buy it again and I'm selling my 4x32 now due to this eye relief issue. 3.5x35 will be my primary glass for now.

Thank you very much for such a detailed review!

Light but sharp

light! (Very)
handsome (for the price)

Sharp edges
Soft aluminum
Meh finish
Not to rigid (especially longer ones)

Well worth the $32
Harder than some to mount (line up)

ohhunt Tactical Lightweight AR-15 Free Float M-LOK Handguard 4" 7" 9" 10" 12" 13.5" 15" With Steel Barrel Nut Picatinny Weaver Rail Mount

perfect job

Assembly was easy, everything fit just fine without any difficulties. Quality seems good so far. Very fast delivery. Great price. Very recommendable. Thanks and greetings from Germany.

ohhunt AR-15 Ambidextrous Butterfly Charging Handle extension m4 Aluminum Steel

13.5 mlok

good price easy install I like the barrel nut much better than having to time the six holes on other brands

The item u sent suck's.

U people sent me some crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, if the items you received have quality problems, please provide pictures and contact us.