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Angled Fore Grip

good quality and perfect fit

AR-15 Lower Receiver Vise Block

Does the job, but the mag well fit (in my AP m4E1 and a S&W M&P Sport II) wasn't nearly as solid as a similar block from another supplier, and subsequently this one is now my spare. Shipment took 10 days to get from Chicago to the Philly region.

Rib mount

Didn't fit at all not even worth sending back

Nice and light handguard.. but!

The handguard is very nice and light. However, the aluminum barrel locknut is a joke. The aluminum teeth of the locknut will strip when tighten to the barrel. Please select the steel locknut when purchase the handguard which will increase the cost..

Don't fit Glock slide.

Rear sight does not fit dovetail. Front sight post has to be filed to fit through the slide.


I was surprised it's really good only down side is its heavy but if want a quad rail I would suggest it in fact I bought another one

Rossie Build

This handgaurd worked great for the purpose I intended. Shipment on this product was fast. Price was excelent.

Pleasantly surprised

Better than expected, light weight but durable, inexpensive but not cheap

Ak scope mount

The fit is very good, with minor adjustment.
Shipping fast.

Good product

Not exactly what I was looking for but still came in handy. Good product

Recommend must buy

Item made of high quality materials feels very comfortable perfect fit, installed in less than five minutes.

ohhunt AR-15 7 inch Free Float Quad Rail Handguard with Barrel Nut

Strange optic

This optic have a wide field of view due to 35mm tube but because there is no side parallax focus after you cannot zoom from 2.4 all the way to 15 because it will become blurry with side focus and if you adjust the eye focus image get clear but the reticle dissappear so I can only zoom from 2.4 to 8 and adjust very slightly eye peace otherwise reticle becomes blurry. Also the measurement photo of the reticle is not on MIL or MOA and cannot be added to the ballistic app Strelok pro so you can use the app for long range shots with this optic.

Nice scope

Really nice scope with large zoom and good side ficus parallax glass is superb also

Poor quality

Item broke on first use and it has been a hassle to get a refund. Company is trying to say it is user fault instead of admitting the product quality is poor.

AR-15 12" Ultra Slim Lightweight Free Float M-LOK Rail Handguard With Barrel Nut For Rifle

What are you REALLY looking for???

If you’re hoping to spend $20 and get a Surefire weapon light, you’re sadly delusional… you need to get back in touch with reality and understand that you get what you pay for. This light is functional, and has stood up to the recoil of a few different firearms. I tried it on my XD9 sub-compact, Walther P22, Rock Island 1911 (in 45acp), AR-9 pistol, & even my VR80 12 gauge. The light isn’t very heavy as it’s all plastic, but probably wouldn’t stand up to a ton of abuse for the same reason. The “150 lumen” claim is hard to truly quantify because (believe it or not) the lumen measurement isn’t standardized. Basically, it’s bright enough to help in the middle of the night without totally blinding yourself with light backsplash, but don’t expect to be able to put it on a rifle for night hunting.
Bottom line, I left it on my nightstand pistol since it’ll spend most of the time comfortably doing nothing and if I need it in the middle of the night it’s definitely better than nothing.

Nice but...

They look fine but the barrel nut was slightly larger than my AR-15 armorer's wrench. Had to use a Crescent wrench. The **** heads seemed a little soft because one kind of striped out when tightening. Made in China.


So far so good. Time for shipping excellent, product looks good.
Yes will buy it again


Accidentally gave at five stars instead of one star piece of sh

Not happy

Ar9 barrel is 5” exactly
This mlok (1st one in pictures) is 4.250”! Not 4.0 or 4.1”

Why does it matter? The threads are inside of the damn rail and you can’t do anything besides get a longer barrel or a shorter handguard. Good luck trying to add a suppressor whatever it was $23 wasted.