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ohhunt AR-15 7 inch Free Float Quad Rail Handguard with Barrel Nut

Handgaurd had some kind liquid on it that took the finish off had to touch it up with flat black paint why would they send it out like that

Poor Quality Slow Customer Service

The screws that tighten the handguard 1 wasn't even threaded and the other one stripped out. Tried to contact them and they took days to respond. Steel is poor quality. I am worried about the quality of the barell nut now.

Just Right

This is just enough to keep a quad from cutting into your hands. Fit was perfect and just the right size.

ohhunt AK Side Rail Scope Mount with Quick Detach System Picatinny for AK47 AK74

Just like the high priced ones

Got these dimpled rail guards to give a try. They look great and can easily pass for the much more expensive ones. I ordered another set.

Good - requires special fitting

The picatinny rail itself is of good enough and suitable or serviceable quality. The mounting hardware is not well suited to a specific application and requires special fitting efforts to make the whole system work. Specifically the mounting screws are of a generic length that must be trimmed to seat correctly. Also the **** blocks that apply the fastener force are too thick to correctly seat beneath the vent rib. These components must be treated as a "project" and special fitting is required.


It good but the qd mount doesn't quit fit right managed to fenagle it so it worked right

Good barrel and hand guard.

Both barrel and hand guard Good quality. Please add 3 inch hand guard to the list of hand guards.

For the price you can’t beat it.

As a whole the hand guard is great, functions correctly and fit is really good.
There is some inconsistencies on the machining, nothing really to keep me from buying another one.

Great optics system and great price

Only 4 stars because I only own it for a few weeks and it is unknown the long-term reliability, but for the price you cannot get a better system with all needed aids in one stop. So far, a great purchase!

Great deal!

Good product, great value. Installed easily and performs well!

Fantastic handguard for AR

Everything was great!

13.5" Lightweight Free Float M-LOK Rail

Shopping was great because of prices and availability and I knew you all had what I wanted
Shipping was good came in a decent time frame and nothing was marked up or blemished.
Product was great, like Shipping no blems or marks, fitment was on point as well with a quality barrel nut
I will definitely return to shop, Ohhunt products and prices rock, I'm rellin everybody!!!

Nice For The Price!

This guard includes a barrel nut that must be clocked to the correct position when torquing, and includes a couple of shims, which allows the installer to make small adjustment. Once installed to the proper position, the handguard is very solid. You'll need to install the low profile gas block after installing the barrel nut. This is so your wrench can be used to torque and clock the barrel nut to the proper position. But, the next one I purchase will prob be the clamp on type.. Just because they're much easier to install.

Barrel shims

Great product, great price, but got lost in shipping, took over 2 weeks to arrive after many chats and emails it was found....

Low profile Picatinny mount

This is a very good deal on a quality Mount for your holosun, it's not the best but it's certainly not the worst and for the price you can't beat it just buy one and thank me later

Crimson Trace 1550 mounting plate

I am very pleased with this product!
Everything lined right up, and came with the mounting screws needed.
Product arrived faster than I expected.
Good price too.

No glass etched reticle

Good value for the money. Unfortunately, it has no glass etched reticle as stated in the description. But that is probably a false expectation at such a low price. High shipping costs to Europe, together with customs duties and taxes far more expensive than the price of the goods.

ohhunt 1-5X24 Compact Rifle Scopes LPVO Sight Turrets Lock With Throw Levers


Good product, fast shipping
Yes , will buy again

Cheap low quality with matching customer service.

Got 2 handguards. Went to put one on. The first cap **** and nut went on ok. 2nd would not grab the threads. Why? There were no threads. I got a blank cap ****. Took the 2nd ones parts to finish the first. During the tightening process when I loosened the first **** it stripped out. Low quality metal and poor craftmanship. Emailed them - nothing back for days. Tried chat nothing back for days. Did message on Facebook nothing back for days. I just want to send it back as I have zero trust in the items and them.

Excellent Customer Service

I have been buying ohhunt products for a few years now and have had great sucess with their products. I ordered four of these and they fit and look great.