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  • 4 Inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • ohhunt Tactical AR-15 Free Float M-Lok Lightweight Handguard 4" 7" 9" 10" 12" 13.5" 15" With Steel Barrel Nut
  • 4 Inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 4 Inch M-Lok Handguard
  • 4 Inch AR-15 Lightweight Free Float M-Lok Handguard
  • 4 Inch AR-15 Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 15 Inch Tactical AR-15 Free Float M-Lok Lightweight Handguard
  •  Lightweight Handguard
  • 7 inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 9 inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 10 inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 12 Inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 13.5 Inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 15 inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
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ohhunt AR15 Super Slim Lightweight Free Float M-LOK Handguard With Barrel Nut 4" 7" 9" 10" 12" 13.5" 15" Handrail For 223/556

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AR-15 Lightweight Free Float M-LOK Handguard:

  1. Ultra Slim Design for Comfort and Weight Reduction. 
  2. 4 Sides of M-Lok Slots Around The Body & Picatinny Top Rails Hold All Your Accessories.
  3. Five Integral Anti-Rotation QD Sling Sockets.
  4. Steel Barrel Nut And Allen Wrench Included.
  5. 2 shims included for easy indexing.
  6. High Quality Aluminum Hard Coat Anodized.
  7. Works with low profile gas blocks.
  8. Simple Installation.
  • Type: M-LOK Handguard.
  • Rail Type: Picatinny Weaver.
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum, Steel (Barrel Nut).
  • Weight (including Barrel Nut): 4" (120g) / 7" (157g) / 9" (179g) /10" (188g) / 12" (216g) / 13.5" (233g) / 15" (245g).
  • Barrel Nut: External Diameter:1.35 inch, Inner Diameter:1.24 inch.
  • Barrel Nut Thread: American Thread 1 1/4-18UNE.
  • Size: 1.48" Outside and 1.29" Inside Diameter.
  • Fits: 223/556 series Upper Receiver with 1-1/4" 18 UNE thread.
  • Pieces: 1.
  • No. of Rails: 1.

Important Note:

1、Barrel nut should NOT be tightened on the gearwheel side. Please avoid applying any force to the gearwheel/teeth while tightening barrel nut, it may damage its teeth.

2、The distance from center of barrel nut to the top of handguard rail is 1.23". If this distance is the same as the rifle receiver, the handguard rail will be flush with rifle receiver top rail.

3、Not Compatible with Bushmaster Carbon 15 rifles serial number E18000+ unless Bushmaster barrel nut is used.

Tips: Bulk order can order handguard without logo, or print your own logo on handguards.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 261 reviews
Jay D.
Lightweight Mother's Day Build

I built my wife a lightweight AR-15 for Mother's day. I had a complete lower assembly and put a lightweight upper on it including the ohhunt 12" rail. The rifle uses a 16" pencil barrel, a lightweight BCG, Polymer upper assembly and birdcage flash suppressor. The complete rifle with a RDS weighs only 5lb 12oz.

The ohhunt Super Slim Lightweight Free Float M-Lock Handguard really makes it look great! It's easy to hold on to and and has a positive clamp that won't come loose. If you're looking for a lightweight rail, this is one of the lightest and best looking I've found for the price.

The only con I found was after I torqued the barrel nut down and installed the gas block and tube the tube would not fit through the barrel nut to go into the upper. After about 5 minuets with a Dremel that issue disappeared! I had no problem with the barrel nut fitting my barrel nut wrench.

I'm seriously considering buying several more 12" and 15" ohhunt rails for future builds and replacing 2 15" rails on existing builds to lighten them up.

Daniel V.
Good value ar parts

Received my handguard in a timely manner and was much better than I expected for the price I couldn't see any noticeable difference from guards costing 4 times as much

Dave G.
I like them but the design could be better. Great Price!

I really like the handguard but the design could be better. The edges of the nut are very sharp and protrude from the sides near the receiver. The nut design does not allow for a very tight mount with exact "clocking". I had to use lock-tight and Teflon tape to get everything correct. The finish is great, The weight is great. The price is great. A few changes could make these hanguards excellent.

david j.
Free float handguard

Handguard is incredible value looks and feels solid, only complaint is lack of instruction and cheap barrel nut. Everything else would be good deal at twice the price

andy a.
great item

good hand guard

Vincent C.
Sharp unit

Well it’s nice for the price, but buyer beware!! There are some sharp machined edges that will need dressed and touched up !

Second Review 10" Hand Guard

Well, my concerns were met. The barrel nut did not hold up well. At 30 Ft. Lbs. it suffered damaged. My AR Barrel nut tool ,which I have used multiple times before, slipped right off, due to the weak thin design and material of the nut. Thankfully ,I was able to acheieve a safe torque value, only because I used what material wasn't damaged to finish the job. I really love the look, comfort, and finish. If I decide that the Barrel nut needs to be removed, I will need the aid of a more aggresive approach ( Pipe Wrench) . Would I purchase this hand guard again? Yes, absolutely. Although, I would investigate into a much better Barrel nut for installation. Hopefully my comment here will open up a channel to improve the Barrel nut design. These hand guards are great product, and the price is nice too, but they need a better mounting design. Thank you.

These work fine

Buying a couple more. Really like that they use the gas tube to prevent rotation/loosening of the barrel nut.

Josh S.

Eberyone I’ve ordered have came in on time, worked great, built well and for the price hard to beat. Definitely recommend

AR15 Super Slim 10'' handguard 223/556

Overall I really like it, comfortable, and the finish is very nice. I do have an issue with the quality of the Barrel Nut. it seems a bit thin, I have not torqued it down yet, and I am hoping the material can hold up to the 30 to 35 FT LBs. Also I have extra shims, the two that came with it might not be enough. I will be attaching the Barrel this week, my concerns will either become reality or not.