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  • 4 Inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • ohhunt Tactical AR-15 Free Float M-Lok Lightweight Handguard 4" 7" 9" 10" 12" 13.5" 15" With Steel Barrel Nut
  • 4 Inch M-Lok Handguard
  • 4 Inch AR-15 Lightweight Free Float M-Lok Handguard
  • 4 Inch AR-15 Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 4 Inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 15 Inch Tactical AR-15 Free Float M-Lok Lightweight Handguard
  •  Lightweight Handguard
  • 7 inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 9 inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 10 inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 12 Inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 13.5 Inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
  • 15 inch Lightweight M-Lok Handguard
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ohhunt AR15 Lightweight Free Float M-LOK Handguard With Barrel Nut 4" 7" 9" 10" 12" 13.5" 15" Handrail For 223/556

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AR-15 Lightweight Free Float M-LOK Handguard:

  1. Ultra Slim and Enlarged Hollow Design for Comfort and Weight Reduction.
  2. 4 Sides of M-Lok Slots Around the Handguard Body & Picatinny Top Rails Hold All Your Accessories.
  3. Five Integral Anti-Rotation QD Sling Sockets.
  4. Steel Barrel Nut and Allen Wrench Included.
  5. 2 Shims Included For Easy Indexing.
  6. High Quality Aluminum Hard Coat Anodized.
  7. Use standard Armorer Wrench to install barrel nut, <=
  8. Works with .750 low profile gas blocks
  9. Simple Installation
  • Type: M-LOK Handguard.
  • Rail Type: Picatinny Weaver.
  • Features: Lightweight.
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum, Steel (Barrel Nut).
  • Barrel Nut External Diameter: 1.35 inch.
  • Barrel Nut Inner Diameter:1.24 inch.
  • Barrel Nut Thread: American Thread 1 1/4-18UNE.
  • Handguard Size: 1.48" Outside and 1.29" Inside Diameter.
  • Fits: 223/556 series Upper Receiver with 1-1/4" 18 UNE thread.
  • Pieces: 1.
  • No. of Rails: 1.

Handguard Parameter

Type Actual Length Net weight(including Barrel Nut)
4 inch 4.33" 4.23oz / 120g
7 inch 7.04" 5.53oz / 157g
9 inch 9.05" 6.31oz / 179g
10 inch 9.92" 6.63oz / 188g
12 inch 12.12" 7.61oz / 216g
13.5 inch 13.6" 8.21oz / 233g
15 inch 15.23" 8.64oz / 245g

Installation Note:

1、Use Ohhunt AR-15 Gunsmith Armorer’s Stock Wrench Tool, or other standard Armorer Wrench to install barrel nut, < The gearwheel side should fit perfectly with the wrench, and should NOT be overtightened on the gearwheel side, or it MAY DAMAGE THE GEARWHEEL.

2、To avoid over-tightening and damaging the gearwheel, you can also use a suitable wrench to tighten the Barrel Nut body (1.35 in diameter), <

3、The distance from center of barrel nut to the top of handguard rail is 1.23". If this distance is the same as the rifle receiver, the handguard rail will be flush with rifle receiver top rail.

4、Not Compatible with Bushmaster Carbon 15 rifles serial number E18000+ unless Bushmaster barrel nut is used.

Tips: Bulk purchase can customize the handguards without logo, or laser print your own logo on the handguards.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 295 reviews
Michael M.S.
Lightweight Free Float M-Loc Handguard

Really light, solid.

James A.
Bad shipping

Where’s the of my order?

Joseph L.
Nice handguard

This is my 2nd handguard from OhHunt which just proves my theory that aluminum doesn’t have to be expensive to be of good quality. I thoroughly plan on ordering more parts from this company. Thank you.

13.5 inch rail

Rail is excellent, thanks!

bradley c.
Gap issue

This Handguard has all the features I wanted. It's also rigid and durable, yet lightweight. I like everything about it, BUT, there's a noticeable gap. The gap issues I had read in other's posts are small compared to my gap on the rail for this handguard. Mine is fairly large and the upper I'm using is a Milspec Aero Precision upper.

There's no way I can fix this gap unless U find some other barrel nut that will accommodate this upper... I've tried 4 I had laying around and none fit. This company doesn't make either Milspec or their machining is not precise enough to be paired with a Milspec upper receiver. I also do not like the unfinished flashing that seems to be on the edges. It seems unfinished and painted over. You can file it down and repaint it. This is why it's cheap. This is a nitpick, however and that extra flashing of metal around the edges is a very small and inconsequential issue. The gap is the only thing about this handguard I really dislike.

So in conclusion, I took the barrel nut, shaved off the end to better buttress the handguard rail to the upper receiver and now it won't tighten properly. I've heard of others machining or dremeling their handguards to get it to fit and I just didn't do it right. So you either run the risk with this handguard of having a gap, or ruining it trying to make it fit. It's $40 wasted in the trash for me, lesson learned. You get what you pay for.

Angel O.V.


Dan P.

ohhunt AR15 Lightweight Free Float M-LOK Handguard With Barrel Nut 4" 7" 9" 10" 12" 13.5" 15" Handrail For 223/556

nice rail with a few one issue

machining on the rail itself was nice. no sharp edges like others have mentioned.Also the one I received did not have the large ohhunt logo on it. nothing at all was printed on it. the only problem was that when installed the top rail on the front end drops down about 3/16 of an inch. not centering the barrel inside.

Mr. S.
About what I expected

The rails 'ribs' are a bit close to the gas block, and mine sits a little crooked. so the aluminum is scraping on one side of the gas block when it fires. For the price it's what you get. Machine marks and sharp angles to be expected.

Kirk S.

Handguard quality was excellent fit and finish same. Best bang for your buck.