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ohhunt® MK18 Handguard Free Float Quad Rail Drop-in Design AR-15 - Black, Coyote Tan, Desert Tan Color

ohhunt® MK18 Handguard Free Float Quad Rail Drop-in Design AR-15 - Black, Coyote Tan, Desert Tan Color

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  1. This Quad Rail drop-in handguard is designed for fitting the MK18, .223 rifles, which is applicable to field combat practically.
  2. Clever Top/Bottom Two-piece Design with Integral Spinal Cords/Alignment Housing for Great Fit, and the Bolt-Up System securely attaches handguard to the upper receiver.
  3. Free-Floating Barrel Design for Increased Accuracy.
  4. Great accomodating capability for the accessories Installed on the rails, and it allows the individual operator to handle freely.
  5. The interrupted Mil-Spec 1913 top Rail Platform with the cutouts provides ample space for optics or includes removable front triangle flip sight.
  6. Desert Tan color is a lighter tan color than typical FDE (Flat Dark Earth), while Coyote Tan color is darker than FDE. Desert Tan color is Anodized and then painted, so it's relatively costly.
  7. Comes with steel barrel nut, screws and allen key.
  • Guide Type: MK18 Handguard.
  • Rail: Quad Rail.
  • Compatibility: M4 / M16 / AR15 Spec Rifles.
  • Finishes: Hardcoat Anodized.
  • Rail Length: 9.6 inch,12.7 inch.
  • Weight: 17oz(9.6") , 22.4oz(12.7").
  • Width: 2.24".
  • Height: 2.29".
  • Inner Diameter: 1.18".
  • Handguard Materials: 6061-T6 Aluminum.
  • Barrel Nut: 45 Carbon Steel.

Package includes:

  • 1 x MK18 handguard
  • 1 x Steel Barrel Nut
  • 6 x Shims
  • Allen wrench & Screws

Tools Needed For Installation:

  • Flat-tip screwdriver (not supplied)
  • Barrel nut wrench (not supplied)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Christopher W.

Fits perfectly and quality is excellent!


Super handguard!

Good Stuff (RIZZ II comparisons)

I own a RIS II, and I have to say, it's a really good-looking clone. I'm all for clone items; they bring more competition to the overpriced name brand stuff. Unity riser and Wilcox mounts come to mind. What you're paying for here is a near identical copy of the RIS II and a decent free-float handguard. The FDE finish has this brownish glossy anodized look. For reference, the regular anodized FDE has a more matte brown appearance. Personally, I really like the ohhunt finish more. The lock-up is solid, just like the original, with no movement whatsoever. The metal seems a bit softer, though. It's shown nicks faster than the real RIS II, but it's as bulky as the original, so it gets the job done well based on design alone.

One thing worth mentioning is the finish and material quality. It's advertised as 6061-T6 Aluminum, the same as the original, but it noticeably nicks faster than the original RIS II. It's more about the finish than the metal itself. I installed it on a new build, and it quickly got scuffs before even seeing any range time. Attaching accessories also affected the finish. You could spray paint it or embrace the worn look, so I wouldn’t consider it a big issue. Guns get used, it's how it is. (UPDATE) After tossing it in the dirt several times to test its quality, the front irons I use (KAC micro BUIS PN:25654) have stayed zeroed. However, the finish practically came off easily. Take it as you will.

One issue I faced was with the barrel nut—it was a bad experience. It didn't fit the standard RIS II wrench or the improved classified defense wrench. Trying to torque it properly, I ended up stripping it. I started doubting if it was up to spec. Eventually, I purchased a DD barrel nut, which worked out. I could torque it properly and still enjoy the handguard. (UPDATE) They reached out about the barrel nut issue and fully refunded my purchase of the DD barrel nut. As it hasn't affected anyone else's installation experience at the time of writing this, I think it might have been a problem with my specific product. Still, their refunding the official part is above and beyond, and I'm satisfied in that regard.

I did encounter a problem with the handguard arriving with a droop/alignment issue. I managed to fix it using a few washers and shims on the lock-up screws. The shims were meant to address alignment issues but were not included with my item. Customer service offered to ship some from China or reimburse me for purchasing locally. It was extra effort and time I didn't look forward to. This left me feeling biased and somewhat resentful when I originally wrote this review, which I've since revised. I've resolved the issue myself. If you didn't encounter this issue with receiving your shims, you'd likely have nothing to worry about. I can only speak to my experience which led to me knocking out down to a 4 star.

tl;dr It's the best clone I’ve seen while still being a relatively decent handguard. My host of issues seems to be unique to my experience, but the customer service was willing to help after proper communication.

I also wanted an excuse to play with my camera.

Thanks for updating your review!

william m.
Good to buy from

Product is good and what it said it would be.

rene b.
OhHunt MK18 Quad Rail FSP

This product is such a great value I've decided to review it. From every angle this MK18 quad rail FSP is genuine in fitment and quality. It's positively anti-rotation because it indexes against the upper receiver and against the bayonet log on the FSP. The locking ring prevents the rail from moving forward and backwards but the 12 0'clock hole for the gas tube to go through was a bit too small and needed to be enlarged to work properly. The barrel nut provided works well and needs to be torqued precisely. This barrel nut doesn't have a way to capture it to prevent loosening unlike the original working with the gas tube that drops in one of the barrel nut aligning grooves. The surface finish on this MK18 quad rail FSP is outstanding, and it alone is worth the asking price. When all was said and done the quad rail on the gun looks amazing with all of the picatinny rails you're going to need. Awesome product at an unbeatable prize.

Michael M.
MK18 Quad Rail

"So far, so good. Haven't fit it onto the rifle yet, but 1st impression was WOW, it's spot on to the original. I am VERY impressed at how well it's crafted for such an affordable price. I'll let you guys know how it does after a few rounds. Thanks again"

Thomas B.
Collar took a lot of fitting for gas tube to fit

This is a pretty surprising item, the finish of the handguard it pretty top notch and it definitely matches the distinctive tan of the DD MK18 handguard.

The barrel nut is a little soft for my tastes, torquing to 38 lbs showed deformation around the wrench notches. Not unusual for an aluminum nut, but I haven't seen that happen on a steel nut before.

The biggest issue I had with the handguard is the collar wasn't in spec in mine, and didn't properly line up with the gas tube port on the upper handguad. I tried to just finagle the tube in, but after that it didn't index with the gas key correctly. I decided to just file it to fit, which didn't take a lot of effort but was still disappointing.

All together it definitely looks the part, and it feels solid. This rifle is going to be more of a fun build than anything for serious use, I already have a Geissele build for that, but this is a big improvement over almost any other handguard in this price range.

Quad gang for life.

Andrew P.

ohhunt® MK18 Handguard Free Float Quad Rail Drop-in Design AR-15 - Black, Coyote Tan, Desert Tan Color

Trevor H.

I am not going to lie, to be honest - I thought this was going to be "janky" so I apologize to the company for the pre-judgment. This handguard is actually very sturdy. If you're trying to gain a perspective and understanding, then upon holding and assembling you can tell that we (as a species) are just at a better place now in terms of machining tools to make "cheaper" items. Cheaper items now seem to be equal quality to premium items 5 years ago (this is a massive improvement). All in all I have not put it through any grinder of a test yet, but it's going to already be equal, if not better quality than any NCStar/monstrum branded handguard that you would get in store locally. Those held up well, so i would be willing to bet this will hold up better.

Great quality

I have DD RIS 2 . This product is awesome too. High quality, nice and smooth CNC machining.
Thank you