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ohhunt® Armour M-LOK Rail Covers Set Polymer Handguard Panel - Tan, Pack of 12

ohhunt® Armour M-LOK Rail Covers Set Polymer Handguard Panel - Tan, Pack of 12

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The Polymer Armour Rail Cover Panels are intended both to protect your M-LOK attachment slots when they are not in use, and to provide additional grip in areas where you would hold the rifle. The cover panels can be installed by positioning them where you need them, and then pushing in the locking piece which retains the panel using friction. Once on your gun, these panels are rock solid, with no slop whatsoever for a comfortable and consistent hold.

Each panel features raised line detail on either side, which meets up with the next panel to give the handguard a seamless look and to provide additional comfort through. The surface of each locking piece includes linear gripping texture, provide additional grip in poor weather conditions, or when the shooter is wearing gloves.


  1. Durable polymer construction protects users hands from RIS handguards.
  2. Fits most M-LOK accessory rails.
  3. 2 piece design allows you to mix and match different colors.
  4. TSP texture provide extra slip resistance and grip.
  • Type: M-LOK Rail Cover
  • Compatibility: M-LOK rail systems
  • Material: Polymer
  • Color: Tan
  • Package Includes: 12x Rail Covers

Installation Instructions

  1. First, mount the base on the M-lok unit to keep it stable and ensure that thereis no shaking.
  2. Then,insert the top unit of the product into the corres ponding position of the base, and press it tightly to ensure that the two arefully fitted.
  3. Finally,please check whether the installation is correct and whether the product fits perfectly.

Matters Needing Attention

  1. The top unit must be installed after the base is installed on the M-lok unit.
  2. The top unit must be removed before the base is removed.
  3. Otherwise, the service life of the product will be affected.
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