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AR-15 Ultra Lightweight Hex Free Float Handguard with Barrel Nut Round Tube 7" 9" 12" 15"

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If weight is one of your main concerns for your AR 15, This Ultra Lightweight Hex free float handguard is the lightest handguard we offer. It features a simple, utilitarian design with an enlarged and Hexagon knurled center section for a comfortable and secure grip. It will fit all mil-spec size upper receivers and includes a barrel nut for easy installation. Requires a standard armorer's barrel nut wrench.

  • Free-Floats Your Barrel For Increased Potential Accuracy.
  • Knurled for Comfortable Secure Grip.
  • The rail holes are set at 3 6 9 and 12 O’clock, rail hole spacingis 1.15", rail hole diameter 0.145", other items like lights or other accessories will find a place if desired  ( 👉 Rail Section 👈fit for the hex Free Float handguard).
  • 7" 9" 12" 15"Design, Perfect For Your AR Build.
  • Fits All Mil-Spec Upper Receivers.
  • Low-profile gas system required.
  • Hard Coat Black Anodized forDurability.
  • Installs In Minutes.


Model: Ultra-Light Hex Handguard Rail.
Barrel Nut Thread Size: American Thread 1 1/4-18UNC.
Net weight ( including barrel nut ): 130g(7") 146g( 9") 182g(12") 200g(15").
Barrel Nut Net Weight: 45g.
Material: High quality aluminum alloy.
Length: 7" 9" 12" 15".

Platform: AR-15.
Style: Free Float.
Color: Black.
Barrel Nut Included: Yes.

The hex handguard does not come with shims. If you need shims, please contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Dirk S.
Good Handguard

This was an unusual designed handguard and I needed a shorty for a pistol build. The handguard arrived much quicker than I expected - especially with the current supply chain problems.
The handguard is just a bit long, so I won't be using it, but that's not the fault of Ohunt. Maybe I'll just have to build another pistol!

Ralph V.
Nicely made light weight handguard BUT....

The handguard looks and feels like it will withstand the occasional range or hunting trip. Mine weighs in at 7oz.(with the barrel nut). That is the good. The bad, is trying to time the handguard with the **** on barrel nut. I wish that oHunt would provide some shims so that I can get rails attached at 12 oclock so I can put on some front sights. As it stand, I have to time / shim the barrel to the upper receiver so that the gas tube will go through the barrel nut while also making sure that the **** on handguard is at 12 o'clock.

Dear customer,
Thank you for your feedback, we have sent some shims to you.

Nice handguard, but design is very poor

I have ordered several handguards from this company, and had good experiences with the products. Decided to order this Ultra Light in the 12" version for a build I'm doing. Handguard arrived fairly quickly, considering it is Christmas time, and looks great. However, be advised, the design of the handguard and barrel nut is such that timing this thing to get the holes in the handguard properly aligned at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock is an exercise in extreme patience and almost negates the lower price. The handguard does not come with barrel shims, nor a 'jam nut' and one will have to have their own shims. Repeated trial and error is the only way to get the barrel nut timed just right for the handguard to go on correctly, when the barrel nut is properly torqued. This is a great looking handguard and very lightweight ... but unless on has tons of patience and a good supply of barrel shims, I don't recommend purchasing this one. Get on of the other models, and you will be fine. This one, however, is hardly worth the effort it takes to overcome the design flaw.

Chris S.
Close to being great

The description is true, Ultra Lightweight Hex Free Float Handguard With Barrel Nut. Unfortunately, there is no way to time the handguard with the barrel nut so the gas tube and the tapped holes for rail sections lineup. There is also no way to lock down the or keep the handguard for rotating after installing shy of Loc-Tite. You are going to need barrel nut shims, loc-tite, and a ton of patience.

Suprised... In a good way!

Honestly, I was not expecting a gem for this price. I purchased the 12.4" version to go on a dedicated .22 cal upper, I used a RTB 16" lightweight pencil barrel fitting with a CMMG 22 cal bolt and collar. With everything assembled the balance point is right at the magazine.

I am very impressed with the workmanship on this handguard, clean threads, a nice finish, no sharp edges, very light and it seems quite sturdy. I was aware it did not have keymod, or Mlok potenial, and that is fine for a lightweight build. I was able to mount a sling swivel/bipod stud at the 6 oclock position using one of the provided holes (at 12, 3, 6 and 9 oclock). as well as a short piece of rail (which brought me up to receiver height) allowing me to mount a flip up front sight on the handguard.

Another review mentioned drilling and threading in a small set **** to prevent rotation, I will be doing that as well. I recomend taking your time putting this together. I applied a modest amount of anti seize grease, torqued down to about 30 ft/lbs, backed off and repeated 3 times until I stopped at 35 ft/lbs. The guard screwed on by hand (w/another dab of anti seize applied), before I snugged it up with a strap wrench, confirming the accesory mount holes were dead on at 12 oclock.

This was a really nice suprise.. not expensive, great quality, extremely light, good looking and available. My order took 10 days to arrive on the west coast from Chicago and I can't complain with free shipping. I will pick up a couple more!

Chris A.
Its nice, but...

Very light, nice feel, but you cannot attach Mlok rails due to the **** holes being tiny?

William K.
Updated review!!

Finally got my handguard after a month and three weeks, I have to say it was worth the wait. Handguard is the lightest I own and was the cheapest. Machine work is great.. It just shows how bad the other companies Rip us off.. buy from oh hunt!!

Glenn Y.
Good parts

Parts are of quality and delivery was good.

Excellent Handguard!

I love this handguard! They're lightweight, easy to install, low temp., no sharp edges, perfect for medium-to-small hands and sturdy but there are a few quirks that you should know about: 1). You'll need to drill & tap for a setscrew to keep it from rotating. I use 10-32 x 1/4" button head screws. One is all that's necessary @ 6 o'clock. If you try using even BLUE Loktite, you'll never be able to unscrew it if needed. 2). If your finger touches the gas tube (through the top of the handguard), it will burn like hell and leave a blister. 3). You'll need to attach a rail mount if you want to hang something. 4). The 9" handguard is perfect for carbine-length gas systems but the 12.3" handguard is too long for mid-length. I remedied this by using a Dremel cutoff wheel and cutting it back to 10 1/2". This leaves a zig zag effect on the front end that's totally sturdy. Then use a little aluminum-black for touchup. Enjoy!

Brandon L.
super light weight handguard

Looks and feels great, super light weight.