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  • ohhunt AK 47 Recoil Buffer 7.62X39 Buffer Pad Shock Absorbing Reducer polymer Black fits AK74 Saiga Galil Valmet
  • AK 47 Recoil Buffer.
  • 5x AK Shock Buffer.
  • Recoil Buffer Fits: AK/ Saiga/ Galil/ Valmet.
  •  7.62X39 Recoil Buffer.
  • AK 47 Recoil Buffer.
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ohhunt AK Recoil Buffer 7.62X39 Buffer Pad Shock Absorbing Reducer for AK 47/74

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AK/Saiga/Galil/Valmet Recoil Buffer:

This AK recoil buffer fits on the recoil spring guide rod of any Kalashnikov style weapon. This includes AKs/ Saiga/ Galil/ Valmet /Draco Pistols, Etc...

The AK 47/74 recoil buffer pad reduces felt recoil, bolt slap, and overall wear and tear by preventing the bolt from making contact with the receiver, significantly prolongs the service life.

Bolt hold open will not be available on PAP M92 with use of the buffer.

Installs easily and quickly.

  • Model Number: AK 47/74 Recoil Buffer.
  • Type: 7.62X39 Shock Absorbing Reducer.
  • Fits: AK/Saiga/Galil/Valmet.
  • Package include: 5x Shock Buffer.
  • Net Weight: 7g/pcs.
  • Color: Black.
  • Material: Neoprene.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Leon T.
AK Recoil Buffer 7.62X39

ohhunt AK buffer recoil pack is great.. Price and shipping speed.. Excellent. Pack of (5) five for this price cant be beat.


I installed this into my WASR-10 and then put about 300 rounds down range. After about 200 rounds, I started to get failures to feed and the bolt would often get stuck in the open position and I would the have to manually push the bolt carrier forward to chamber a round. My AK had never done this before. After disassembly I discovered the recoil buffer had failed, deformed, and split open which was causing the bolt carrier to become stuck reward as it cycled. I normally don’t write negative reviews but this product had so many positive reviews that I felt the need to caution others about the poor longevity of this item. The pictures tell the story. This item is too soft and deforms too easily.

Sean M.

ohhunt AK Recoil Buffer 7.62X39 Buffer Pad Shock Absorbing Reducer for AK 47/74

Terri L.

Prompt and fast shipping 🤩

Roland M.

Excellent transaction
Repeat customer

Keith B.
works well

reduces the harshness of the recoil on the AK. Should extend the component life.

Michael W.
Work Great

Installed on my 2 Romanian MD-63 AKS. Not really a recoil buffer,but will protect the rear trunnion down the road. Very pleased.

Juan J.
Great value, perfect fit

Great value, perfect fit onto rear recoil spring guide, pliable but not too much, has indention for top of bolt to recess into, shipping is slow by USPS.

Alberto C.
Good deal

Great price, low price.

Gilbert T.
AK 47 Recoil Buffer 7.62X39 Buffer Pad Shock Absorbing Reducer Polymer Black Fits AK74 Saiga Gali...

Item is exactly as stated. Great product.