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ohhunt® Aluminum M-LOK & Keymod Rail Covers Handguard Panels

ohhunt® Aluminum M-LOK & Keymod Rail Covers Handguard Panels

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Ships From: China

Rail Covers Specification:

Premium machined Aluminum handguard rail covers offer textures and hardware in order to add superior grip and heat protection to your M-LOK(KeyMod) rails. Our M-LOK(KeyMod) rail covers are the thinnest Aluminum rail grip scales on the market by 50 percent. 

  • Used for: Handguards.
  • Model Number: Rail Covers.
  • Type: M-LOK & Keymod.
  • Finishes: Matte.
  • Thickness: 3mm.
  • Width: 15.5mm.
  • Length: 2 M-LOK Slot ( 4 KeyMod Slot)- 80mm,
    3 M-LOK Slot(6 KeyMod Slot) - 120mm.
  • Material: Aluminum, Steel nuts.
  • Color: Black.
  • Piece: 1.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Don't think about it do it!

Honestly surpassed my expectations. These rail covers are amazing the machining is spot on they feel is amazing! I just ordered more for my other build. I couldn't be happier I like them so much that i honestly think I am going to buy all the patterns. The shipping wasn't to bad I think I waited two if not 3 weeks. If they decide to add these rail covers to the US store I will definitely purchase them all! Anyway 10/10 very pleased and happy.

These are beautiful!

I was pleasantly surprised on how nice these were! Friends saw them and wanted a much better grip...and just looks great!

Gavin D.
Great product especially for the price.

I was on the fence about ordering these but after biting the bullet and purchasing them I can say that all doubts were erased from my mind. They serve the function of enhancing your grip the way they were intended and even exceed that function more so than Magpul or VZ grips. They don't have MLOK locating slots on the back to pop into your handguard and auto locate, however that's a negligible and easy fix to simply tighten them down and not worry about them moving under friction especially with locktite. I will be buying these again for future builds. These guys get my seal of approval for their grip panels.

Cody B.
20days ago it says

Just got an email asking me for feedback. I still haven’t received my items. Therefore, as of now. Not great feedback I have to give.

All it says when I pull my old email up is and I quote
"Your order is placed and is about to be shipped."

I'll provide good feedback as soon as it's arrived. So far, I'm not happy. Period.

eugene a.
Hand guard grips

Well made looks great. Don’t know how hot they’ll get yet. But I do like them

Just like the high priced ones

Got these dimpled rail guards to give a try. They look great and can easily pass for the much more expensive ones. I ordered another set.

Andy S.
Very happy!

Wow! Real deal! Would suggest for future purchases of rail scales. A 1/3 of the price! Shipping time is a little slow, but overall great experience!

Good product


Pedro F.

The pads are made of metal. On the key-Mod, the tugs rose without Lufts. In the kit there was a hex key. The goods are satisfied.

Abbigail J.

As in the description, perfect.