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ohhunt 30mm/1 inch Cantilever Scope Mount Adjustable Front to Back with Picatinny Rail

ohhunt 30mm/1 inch Cantilever Scope Mount Adjustable Front to Back with Picatinny Rail

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Designed for pcp airgun and for use with filming through the scope,this ohhunt mount is adjustable front to back, making it easy to keep your scope zeroes while allowing added eye relief for camera work.
Quickly go from normal scope use to camera with the turn of just 2 screws.

This ohhunt Adjustable Scope Mount attaches to a Picatinny rail and allows use of 1 inch and 30mm scopes,while leaving two can be removed Picatinny rails on top of the mount for added accessories(Top Rail 6 Installation Method).. Also, with bubble level.

Height and Length Can adjustable(Please check the F, N size in the photo).
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Customer Reviews

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Mono block adjustable elevation

There is no other mono block on affordable price on the market only this but the quantity quickly sold out. What makes it unique is the cut out spaces where it allow you to alavate downwards the scope and in those cut out holes there is no chance the scope to move forward or backwards there is such a cut out at the rear end and at the other end of the mount in the middle there are cutout holes but for some reason the mount cannot enter in those holes maybe are not wide enough it have also bubble for checking your side angle. It's not elevating much but is just enough to increase your distance to over 300 meters on air pcp rifles 100 joules where with original stock and discovery hd optic it allows you only up to 50 meters. I wish there was option for elevation using wheel and clicks so you can adjust on side for different distances this way it will jup far away the competition like fx no limit mounts.