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ohhunt® AR-15 Handguard Mounting Screws and Nuts Replacement Set


The shipment so fast! It fit perffectly on the gun!

Excellent fit and finish

Beautiful fit and finish. Everything seems to be cut well and tumbles for a smooth, stain-like finish. I didn’t know ahead of time but it DOES indeed come with a barrel nut. I will by buying more in the future

free float handguard

I like the free float handguard with the nut, just seems better than the others.

I Dig It

Good quality for your dollars. Looks good holds well! The barrel nut seems to be good quality, I trust it on my AR.

Great handguard

Loving it. Fits perfect. Not a first time buyer

Wonderfully surprised

I was nervous and skeptical about ordering at first but was quite relieved when both of my orders showed up correctly fulfilled. To my surprise, the rail covers were the same as ones costing six times as much and are of similar quality! These are fantastic for the price and look absolutely great on the AR...I could not be more pleased!

Great Handguard

I ordered the large diameter handguard so I could take off the flash comp and **** on my suppressor with no problem. The inside diameter is big enough that the Rugged Obsidian 45 will slide right on and is centered. Very good handguard is not heavy and fits the hand perfectly. I would buy this again.

Very surprised at the quality and accuracy of both scope I purchased.

I have two real Trijicon ACOGs as a comparison. (both are bible verse recalls) Frankly the Ohhunt versions are nearly equal in practical use as the $800 contemporary. The optics are decently clear, can easily adjust focus and sustains zero. Light box is almost as good as the real deal. Zero was easy and reliable tracking and adjustment. I got one for a beater and then bought another as it was so good.

Amazing bang for your buck!

The package was well protected, and the contents arrived unscathed. The fit and finish of the handguard and associated hardware were excellent, without any tool marks or blemishes in the finish. The barrel nut went on easily, and clocked to the correct position without needing the included shims. The handguard is nice and compact, but easily accommodates the gas block and tube. The 9" handguard just covers a 1" gas block with a carbine length gas tube. The Keymod spacing seems to be perfect. All this to my front door fo less than thirty bucks? Like I said, amazing.

Great value

I have ordered 3 different handguards from this company and they work just fine and are more affordable than many other options currently on the market. I would guarantee order one again

It’s decent

The handguard didn’t line up perfectly straight which will affect using iron sights. It was also a huge pain trying to get it over the barrel but, QC wasn’t QCing that days. It seems to be tough as nails though and looks good.

AR-15 Not G barrel nut

Product seems to be high quality, it fit perfect, absolutely no issues.


very nice hand guard and reasonable price. Excellent service and quick delivery.

ohhunt MK12 M4 M16 Free Float Quad Rail Handguard for AR-15 SR-15 with Barrel Nut 4" 7" 9" 12"

10-60X50 SFIR

The scope seems to be functioning fine. 
I am happy with its ability for long range target shooting.

There was an issue with the shipping as the box arrived with about a 
one inch hole. An object had pierced the packaging and went through to
the other side but did not exit. Whatever it was missed the scope but tore the
plastic covering.
I picture a shipping worker missing the bin from a long range underarm toss. 
The scope did pass a form of shock test at that point, which I see as good. 

The Ocular Bell exterior **** came with poorly machined sloppy threads. 
A repair was accomplished only from my abilities to machine parts.
I re-tapped the scope to 8-32 SAE and made a new **** which threads on tightly.
Without my metal lathe this would not have been possible.
The scope now proudly proclaims a beautiful shinny brass ****

Instructions say a 2032 Lth. battery was included but I did not find one in
the packaging. 
The rheostat seems to be functioning well.
I am happy with the scope.
I am debating another purchase for a different rifle.

Hand guard

very nice hand guard fit perfect looks good also very fast shipping and good price will order again

ohhunt AR15 Handguard Free Float Keymod Handrail with Steel Barrel Nut 7" 9" 10" 12" 13.5" 15" For 223/556

Late Delivery

On your website states that delivery times for the U.S. is between 10-15 days. I waited almost a month to get my product. Also it was very cumbersome to order online because I had to actually move funds to my Paypal account because it will not take any other type of payment, even though on your website states that you can pay with any of the major credit cards or debit cards. This is a review of the transaction only. Later when I actually get to use the product, I will update.