How To Install AK's Rear Sight Rail


AK's Rear Sight Rail inclued:
3* Hex Socket Screws
1* M3 Nut
1* Rear Rail
1* M3 Screws

AK's Rear Sight Rail
Ohhunt AK Rear Sight Rail Mount For Low Profile Red Dot Sight Ak47 Ak74 Picatinny Free Shipping
Price From $10.70 USD
Ships From: United States
Length: Standard A / Lengthened B


Please make sure your AK's rear sight fits the minium requirement of 7.00 mm. 

AK's Rear Sight Rail

STEP 3: Install screws

Ready your hex socket screw, then install M3 screws.
Note: This screw could let you adjust left and right

AK's Rear Sight Rail

STEP 4: Fasten all 3 hex socket

AK's Rear Sight Rail


1.These hex socket screws could let you adjust inclination to fit your need.
2. If you don't want these 3 screws loose, it is recommend to use Loctite.


1. To remove this AK rear rail set, it is recommend to loosen all 3 hex socket screws before removing the screw.
2.To use the reference aiming gap, you need to adjust your front sight or the rear rail.
3. Feel free to paint the reference aimiing points at the rear of rear rail if needed.
4. It is recommend to use low profile or micro red dot sights like:

Burris Fastfire Ii Tm Red Dot Reflex Sight
Docter Reflex Sight
Lnsight Technology Red Dot Sights MRD
Trijicon RMR Tm Sight
Aimpoint Micro Red Dot
Aim Sport Mini Red Dot (budget)

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