Great Review for AR-15 Free Float M-Lok Handguard

"Money well spent, 100 times over, shocked at its quality for such a measley cost,blew me away."

--Craig I.-.N.C. 09/17/2021

Zero Problems, its as if they have your weapon and custom fitting their product, least thatswhat i discovered, This thing is awsome, WOOOHOOO!

sorry took me this long, ohhunt rocks, fit like a golve, Nope not a expensive brand at all, does what I need gives me the look like i want does everything i need, not trying to keep up with the joneses, few bucks well worth the spend and over, ,i am extremely satisfied gotta show this thing off.

I've already had a reply about it, to the effect of , Mannn I wish I could afford a expensive 15 inch handguard like that , they are just too expensive , all i did was laugh, they thought i paid the usual high cost fees 2, 3 or 400.00. lol, I gave them oh hunts website , told them check it out, lol Thank you so much I’ve saved Ohhunt on my web favorites for easy access , only thing I did do a lil customizations to it.

wish ohhunt had a end cap for this model to better support the handguard although the delta ring with its screws to torq for secure, are solid its just a added support for me, if they do have a end cap i would purchase immediately but what ive created, and im pretty good with my hands actually its not even modified i added screws thru the opening 4x at the end of the hand guard with flaten nuts on the inside of the handguard so they are not visible, check it out , solid as a rock, but even without my lil creation the hand guard is wickedly solid, Im blown away...

if others wanna know my customization all i did was went by lowes home depot or any local hardware store picked up 1/2 inch long 1/4 in diameter topless allen screw size 5/16 machined screw, it fits to a'T' in the grove opening of any of the mlok spacings along the hand guard, on one of the photos the smudginess is gun oil i was cleaning with, this thing is flawless , well my craftmanship but the handguard from ohhunt, It doesnt get any better...I am Proud to take this thing to the range and will stand behind ohhunt Proudly, thanks again.

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