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Lon Range Rifle Build

Just got my LR Build put together. Scope is on and I ready for the Range. Looking forward to putting hole in Paper.


Fast shipping from the states. Product is very well built. Will buy again.

Good reticle but horrible performance

The reticle is very crisp, but illumination isn’t bright enough for daytime, which isnt a problem. Also, the reticle illumination looks sort of weird if you arent on max brightness, like brighter around the edges. I mounted it on my gun……. At 6 yards it didnt even hit the paper. (regular printer paper) it was shooting way too low to comfortable use with it zeroed like that. So overall, looks cool, but not worth it because the reticle is way too far from where the barrel is pointed, so far it’s unusable on a BB GUN. Get a monstrum for this price.

9 inch free float

This item is not what I expected. It looks cheap. I get it is not an expensive item but even the lettering looks weird. You can tell by the font that it is not an American brand. I think the manufacturer would do themselves a better choice by redoing the whole design. For a super cheap build this is what you will get. For run of the mill product. Stay away for this one.

Good clamp on guard.

I'm pleased with the guard but I'm looking for an aluminum barrel nut to work with it.


Perfect product. Thanks for your help.

Couldn’t be happier. Looks great, nice and balanced. Not too heavy. Would absolutely buy again or recommend

Title is good

The product is Lot lighter than all other fde products on the market so I'm unable to use it .I'll keep for a future build but not this one.

measure first!

Great product, great price point. Measure complete build before ordering your quad rail. I ordered off of barrel size before completing my build so I was a little off on length needed.

Bench Block

Item as described - thank you.

You get what you pay for.

Honestly the worst armorer's wrench I own, but also the cheapest. Decent for loaning to a friend who needs one. The one strong selling point is it has a decent finish on it, which is nice compared to some of the options

It doesn’t fit correctly on the upper receiver I have for it but overall it’s a good piece for a good price

ohhunt® Guardian 1-6X24 Compact Rifle Scopes Budget 1-6x LPVO Optics

Coyote Tan M4A1 Handguard with FSP Cutout Free Float Quad Rail Drop-in Design for AR-15 Deep FDE - 12.7 inch

Looks great

Looks great works good came on pretty quick would buy more

Ok handguard

The hand guard had to be modified as far as the anti-rotation tabs go, due to interfering with proper attachment of the hand guard to the upper.

Great Value

Admittedly, I am fairly new to AR’s but I do know when something is made well or not.
This hand guard is made very well. It snapped together and lined right up on my Ruger AR-556.
No sharp edges, straight and true..took my picatinny accessories without any trouble tight and secure…I can’t tell how the Finnish will hold up long term but it looks and feels fantastic.
This was a great purchase. Fit, Finnish and Function are all rock solid…

rail covers

order tan rail covers with US shipping and it still gets shipped from China... why give me an option to choose??? ridiculous.

Really impressive for the money

I can see why a lot of the companies here in the states relabel these as theirs. For a backup rifle or plinks-ster, these are excellent rails. They’re aren’t sharp as people claim, no different than handguns have been for 40 years. I’ll be buying a couple more for some plinks I’m piecing together. Excellent product.

Extremely Large and Heavy

This thing is massive. It's also extremely heavy. Quad rails don't have to be obnoxiously large. I took it off faster than I put it on. Nice paper weight tho.

Very useful solution

Very useful. It would be advisable to have the possibility of a thinner bar which could pass in ventilate ribs with reduced space. In addition to have a version suitable for ribs larger than 10 mm.

Worked good

Put it on my Charles Daly 12ga. So far works well.