RMR Footprint

What is RMR Footprint?

The RMR(Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) footprint is arguably the most common footprint on the market today, and it was first introduced by Trijicon upon production of their red dot sight with the same name.  It has two screw holes and two front bolts (recoil lug holes on the optic) in the corners. The RMR footprint has become a standard in the industry due to its practicality, compatibility, and reliability, making it a popular choice among firearm enthusiasts and professionals alike for integrating red dot optics onto various platforms.This is one of the most popular footprints used with pistol-mounted red dots.

RMR Footprint Pattern

The footprint typically includes several specific dimensions and hole placements, ensuring compatibility across different firearm models and mounting systems. This standardization allows users to easily swap optics or use adapters without needing extensive modifications.

RMR Footprint Pattern

What red dots are compatible with RMR footprint?

RMR footprint Red dots optics are widely used in military, law enforcement, personal defense, and competitive shooting applications due to their durability, compact size, , flexibility and ease of use. They can be swapped between different firearms or mounting systems that support the RMR footprint standard, provide shooters with quick target acquisition capabilities, making them ideal for dynamic shooting scenarios.

Here are a few of the red dot optics that work with the RMR footprint:

  • Ohhunt RD U2 FB O4
  • Trijicon - RMR and SRO
  • Holosun - 507C, 407C, 407X2, 508T, 507 Competition
  • Swampfox - Kingslayer, Liberty, Justice
  • AmeriGlo - Haven
  • Riton Optics - X3 Tactix PRD
  • ADE Advanced Optics - RD3-020 Raptor and RD3-023 Valkyrie
  • SIG SAUER - Romeo Zero-R
  • Primary Arms - Classic Series Mini Reflex Sight

RMR Footprint Optics:

RMR Footprint Optics

Relevant RMR Footprint Adapter Plate:

To meet the need for swapping between different firearms or mounting systems, many manufacturers offer adapter plates that allow RMR footprint optics to be mounted on firearms originally designed for different mounting systems.

More Plate Adapter for RMR Footprint Optics
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