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Right on the Dot

The ohhunt® Picatinny Red Dot Adapter Plate RMSC Footprint for Crimson Trace CTS-1550 was an exact fit . Easy-peasy folks!

ohhunt® AR15 Steel Replacement Barrel Nut for AR-15 Free Float Handguard

pretty good lil unit.

Broke on first mag

Red dot off button stopped working and light doesn't turn off.

Have 17 inch free floating hand guard - seems well made but when installed and tightened the hand guard lifts up so that the bottom front of the hand guard is touching the barrel, everything is straight until it’s tight

Surprised at the quality considering the low price.

I mounted it on my Tikka MPR target rifle. I wanted the scope as low as possible to the bore. After mounting I used my scope alignment tool to check to make sure it was true and in alignment. It was perfect.

Great product

Great product, easy to install, shipping was good ,wish it was faster but it was on the time frame I was told.

ohhunt Standard AR Carry Handle Rail Mount

Works great and looks nice on the handle of my upper.

ohhunt® 3-9X40 Mil Dot Rifle Scope

Very nice scope. Once sighted in, we were hitting thumb tacks at 50 yards with ease.

Deserves more attention

These are amazing and are the perfect alternative to the mainstream names. Give them a try, you wont be disappointed!

Fair for the price.

If you compare this rail to a comparable length quad from the likes of MI, I'd say the price is fair. The weight is good, the machining is good, but the anodizing is much more fragile, very easy to scratch. The rail went on well, the barrel nut withstood 50ftlb of torque perfectly fine and after a little wiggling and adjusting the rail lined up almost perfectly to the upper receiver. This is an excellent rail for building a CQBR mk18 clone and not giving Marty Daniel's your money, but if you plan on dragging an AR through the dirt in more than a few matches, something more authentic would be best.

Coyote Tan MK18 M4A1 Handguard Quad Rail Free Floating Barrel Two-pieces Design AR-15 Deep FDE Color - 12.7 inch

Accu Wedge for AR15/M4/M16

The wedges are a solid rubber that you can trim to fit any rifle to tighten it up.

Two thumbs up :)

Good price, great product, fits all AR15 platforms, the cargo was pretty fine, came at a decent time (Turkey-normal post not to mention). So all good in the end, thanks ohunt :)

10 in. Ohunt rail

Fantastic fit.color is good and very sturdy hand guard.will def.buy again

Not straight

Purchased a quad rail and everything worked out great. Purchased this for a back up build and it’s terrible. Handguard is tweaked 1/8 of an inch to the right. The top rail is not level across the entire handgaurd and starts rising towards the barrel end. To think Aim, Davidson, monstrum, 2A and many others relabel these and sell them for three times as much is crazy.


Don't waste your money. It doesn't tighten up, unless you like a upward angle on your handguard. Should be a negative star rating.

Really good for the money.

I can not complain for the money. Fit and finish is 5/5. Rail is strong, straight easy to install. Only issue I have is you have to torque the heck out of the clamp or the rail will move. Could use some set pins but overall a good rail.

Great prices for quality products

Third purchase from ohhunt. Thumbs 👍

Nice low profile handguard

Arrived from Illinois undamaged despite basic packaging. Installed cleanly. The pic rail is maybe half a millimeter shorter than my upper receiver. Feels great in hand!

ohhunt M-Lok Free Float Handguard

I bought the M-Lok 12" Handguard to change out the Handguard on my Chiappa Mfour 22LR to give it more of the same Platform as my AR15 so to use the 22LR for Range shooting and cheaper ammo cost. The handguard is really a nice handguard, smooth to the feel and fit great since the Chiappa Mfour uses the same size upper as the AR15. Shipping wasn't bad I got my order in a week. This place is a good deal.