Delivered To Wrong Address: What to Do?

Reasons behind the USPS delivery to wrong address

1. Error at the post office or by the delivering staff:

The people working over there may write an incorrect address on the mail, or the delivery guy may get confused among so many mails and land up at the wrong address. Whatever may be the reason, if the fault is on their part, they will take charge of it.

What you have to do is to inform your local post office about this. After getting the complaint, USPS immediately comes into action. Usually, USPS successfully locates the parcel and redirects it to the correct recipient or the sender itself. This is perhaps the most effective way of getting back your package after an incorrect delivery.

How to tackle the wrong delivery?

Track your parcel:

Since USPS provides an excellent feature by which you can track your package at any point in the entire journey, you can use this feature to know whether your parcel is moving in the right direction or not. Besides, suppose you get a notification saying that the package was delivered. In that case, that may indicate a wrong delivery or some blockage, resulting in the parcel’s return to the local post office.

So whatever may be the scenario, it is always advisable to keep an eye on the status of your parcel after certain time intervals to avoid any complication. You can get the tracking number from the mail receipt or through the confirmation email.

Check your mailbox:

This is very important in the case of international deliveries. You need to check your mailbox from time to time to not miss out on any notice sent by your local post office regarding the pick up of your parcel. Also, you need to check the name and address on the mail and verify whether it truly belongs to you or not before signing on it. In case of wrong delivery, you must contact your local post office and return it as soon as possible.

Contact the local post office:

Sometimes, you may get a notification that the package has been delivered, but the recipient has not received the package. Don’t worry! It does not necessarily mean that your package has reached the wrong address. In most cases, after waiting for a day or two, you will receive the box without giving any extra effort.

However, you can always contact your local USPS post office if you face this kind of situation to be assured that your package is not moving here and there and they are in safe hands. You need to keep in mind that in the case of international deliveries, you have to contact the customs office instead of the USPS because once your parcel has reached some other country, USPS cannot get its details.


This is all you need to know about the USPS delivery to the wrong address. Be careful while writing the recipient’s address on the mail to avoid any mistake on your part as that will cost you a lot of effort and money to get back your lost parcel.

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