Shipping Notice! Important!! (2020.06.02)

Shipping Notice! Important! (June 26)

If you are from the United States or Europe and other countries, it is recommended that you prefer to choose locally shipped products such as US warehouses or European warehouses.

US warehouse    Europe Warehouse    Russian warehouse   Philippine warehouse

United States:
Ship from China: The United States dedicated line logistics that has just been opened recently, the delivery time is about 20 days, this time is for reference only. Due to the increase in freight, each order needs to make up a few dollars  for the freight difference. I still most recommend choose to ship by FedEx, and usually receive the package within 6 days.
Ship from United StatesFree shipping.

A new logistics line has been opened, and the delivery time is expected that within 35 to 50 days.

(Updated on June 26)
United Kingdom and France opened ePackage's new transportation line, which is expected to be received within 20 days, and the postage is not cheap, but compared to FedEx, it can save a lot of trouble, you can choose according to your needs

Currently only supports FedEx shipments, and requires you provide the CPF number . In addition, when customs clearance in Brazil will definitely need to pay customs duties, and the customs duties paid may not be according to our declared value. Please be sure that you will pay for the customs duty before you place an order, otherwise all the costs incurred due to the refusal of customs clearance will need to be deducted from your payment. FedEx's return fee is very high, sometimes exceeding your order value.

As Canada Post has currently suspended receiving parcels, Canada currently only supports FedEx shipments.

If have any questions, please feel free to contact us:



  • @frank hewitt Today this batch of replenishment has arrived in Chicago and will be available soon. This is indeed FedEx’s shortage of manpower for this business and the delay in delivery due to the recent situation in the United States.

  • HI
    I ordered on May 13th a 15" handguard. Since then, story has changed, now waiting for fedex pickup? Only time that is true if you owe them money? As I prepaid order, do I have any choice now? Do you see my order?

    frank hewitt

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