Shipping Notice!

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many routes have been closed, and international express delivery has also been greatly affected. We have not yet been notified which countries cannot ship, so please rest assured to purchase, we will inform you in time if there is any change.

However, there will be some delays in the normal express delivery time of products shipped from China, and you need more patience than usual to wait for the arrival of the package. It is recommended that choose the product ship from the local warehouse

US warehouse    Europe Warehouse
Russian warehouse   Philippine warehouse

If you are anxious, hope to receive your package quickly,please choose the FedEx ( Only orders with a total price of $ 50 or more will have FedEx options ) , FedEx is not affected, generally can receive the goods within 6 ~ 8 days.

============ update !============

Update 3 (2020.04.27): Due to the skyrocketing cost of ordinary express delivery from China to the United States and the delay in delivery time, we have canceled the ordinary express delivery to the United States starting today. Except for the goods in the US warehouse, China to the United States only have FedEx orders Options, postage we have given you the biggest discount.

When ordering, please pay attention to where the goods are shipped from. If there is no "Ships From" option, the default is to Ships From from China

Update 2 (2020.04.17): All products that do not provide the "Ship From" option are shipped from China. Currently shipments from China take more than 30 days to arrive, please be patient.

Update 1 (2020.04.07): Due to the increase in international express shipping rates, our shipping policy has also changed. Asia, Europe, and the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, these countries can be free shipping over $20. Below $20 will be charged proportionally 3 ~ 5 US dollars postage if ship from China, the additional fees in other countries will be higher, you can check the fees at checkout.


If have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

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